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messi ebook download Daydreams,equine print.
Jesse J W James

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2011-05-26                                                                                     Copyrights Apply


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Jesse J. W. James

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Daydreams. a Appaloosa Mural twelve feet by twenty-four feet created over a ten year period. Three sizes of prints have been created for sale. Artist Robert Ferguson.

Costs and sizes of prints.
 LIMITED EDITIONS Numbered and signed by creator Nicholas Harasymow, Canvas Giclee Prints.

1.     24  inches by 48 inches . $595.00 Canadian Funds
2      40  inches by 80 inches   $1687 Canadian Funds. Stunning at this size.
All prints will be shipped by Canada Post.
No shipping costs.  Payment,  personnal check.
Make check payable to .    Nicholas Harasymow
Contact Information.
Send payment to.
Daydreams C/O
RR5 S52 C64 
Oliver, B. C

Canada. V0H 1T0

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Phone 1 250 498 6407


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Giclée prints adorn collections in most large museums of the world, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. At recent auctions giclée prints have fetched $10,800 for an Annie Leibovitz photograph, $9,600 for Chuck Close, and $22,800 for a Wolfgang TillmaGiclées typically are printed on large-format special printers from a high-resolution digital scan of the original artwork or photograph. They are printed onto the best media substrates including canvas, fine art papers, and photo-base papers. The color accuracy of the best giclée printing is not exceeded.


Robert Ferguson was born in Toronto Ontario in 1947, the younger of two children.

Passing a ranch at the age of eight, Bob observed a two-headed horse not realizing it was two adjacent horses standing head to tail. His father a known prankster, teasingly acknowledged Fergusons odd sighting. With pencil and paper alone, Ferguson endeavoured to capture this rare spectacle. That was the spark which led to his ultimate focus on the majestic equine. At the early age of fifteen, having relocated to Southern California. Ferguson worked with a team of professional artists, enjoying the supervision and instruction of Fernando da Villa, a graduate from the University of Peru.

Following five years of interacting with and learning from his colleagues and instruors, Ferguson had sufficiently refined his skills to embark upon his freelance career. Surviving the earthquake of 1971, Ferguson and his family returned to Toronto. Having lived in California for eight years, Ferguson was enthralled with the East's gentle change of seasons. This sensitivity to the countryside of his youth left an indelible print on Ferguson's artistic notions. He toured the province of Ontario painting primarily with acrylics. Relative to the annual redundancy of desert and asphalt,etc. However, his challenges did not cease in Ontario. Following his passion for expanding his artistic horizons,Ferguson traveled throughout Canada. He was particular taken with the impressive attributes of the Canadian Rockies. Intrigued by the wildlife, Ferguson felt drawn to his first childhood artistic encounter with nature. The living interactive relationship between the animal and his habitat intrigued Ferguson. He generated numerous works illustrating the vital characteristics of racoons, wolves, birds and bears just to name a few ( not to mention chimpanzees and guerrillas for

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Jane Goodall ).

chimp1.jpg                                                                       chimp2.jpg

In his ever-evolving fashion, Ferguson had yet to return to his first pencil and paper challenge. In the fall of 1994, Ferguson settled in Langley, British Columbia. It was in Langley where Ferguson met a kindred soul who happened to be an Appaloosa horse breeder. Finally, he enjoyed the unique, and long awaited, opportunity to intergrate his diverse artistic talents. Despite his fear of heights, Ferguson accepted a commission to paint a significiantly elevated and equally engaging mural.

Bob Ferguson's works not only hang in numerous publc and private collections throughout America and Europe, including a European Embassy, his latest and perhaps most inspied project appears on a stable structure located on a ranch dedicated to the breeding of the Appaloosa equine line.

Robert Ferguson was presenting his wildlife paintings in a local mall when approached by Nicholas Harasymow, owner of Jessepe Appaloosa Breeding Farm.

Harasymow, intuitively cognizant of a spiitual meeting of the minds, commissioned Ferguson to paint his prime stallion, Jesse James J/W.
Given Ferguson's enthusiasm for his childhood artistry. Bob was easily enticed to establish himself at the Appaloosa ranch to facilitate observation of the chief specimen. This was not as easily accomplished as first anticipated.

Harasymow, wishing to illustrate the intense instinct of a stallion, introduced Bob to a mare in heat while leading the high-spirited stallion from the barn. Ferguson, movie camera in hand, sensed, much to his chagrin, nostrils flaring, neck tensing, ears perked in attention, eyes locked onto the mare.... and all this from a few feet away!. Harasymow was not yet convinced that the commissioned artist fully comprehended the fiery essence of the stallion. At Harasymows insistence, Ferguson, camcorder in hand, entered the paddock while Jesse's hooves thundered as he paced the fence line (reminding Ferguson of his 1971 California earthquake experience).  "Bob, do you understand the intensity of the stallion?"
Harasymow queried? To which Ferguson replied, I got it! That was the cementing of the two spiritual minds.

 Inspiration complete, the illustration was the next hurdle. With team collaboration, Annette Urbon, an artist familiar with equine collection, assisted and illustrated the remarkable nature of Jesse James, inspiration agreed upon, Ferguson was chewing on the bit to commence the work on the mural.

, each other's personalities, and the cycles of developing a concept fastidiously, Harasymow and Ferguson invested a number of years creating Daydreams. The ultimate production, a mural twelve by twenty-four feet in size, was well worth the energy and time.


Jesse J. W. James poses in noble fashion amidst the clouds and his herd: underscoring the soul of the Appaloosa in the equestrian breeding landscape. Harasymow and Ferguson succeeded in protraying and transferring through visual perception the majestic yet calm innate force of Jesse J. W. James.....As is " DAYDREAMS"

  Jesse James four months old.1994

  Jo Warren

Jesse James was purchased from Jo Warren and Joyce Eastland Border Appaloosa Ranch. Jo Warren and Joyce one of the top five breeders of Appaloosas in the world. Jo paseed away a number of years back, a neighbour highly respected for over fourty years.

 The Preparation.

The timber used for the scaffold was fir lumber two inches thick eighteen inches wide and twenty-eight feet long,

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one or two knots no bigger then a quarter, beautiful lumber.

A brandy and tea, contemplation.


Just about. Bob and Annette.

Erected the Mural, put new plywood to complete a rectangle form, painted the new plywood a base blue and tried to locate Bob.Year 2006.
About a year ago Bob ended up in the Burnaby General Hospital. Bob died three times and three times they brought him back to life. During that three month period he was in a coma, his family was constantly close to him, there was always someone at his bedside. Year 2007 Bob was in Alberta in rehabilitation and in April of 2008 we arranged a trip for him to come and complete the project that was started in 1996.

Year 2008, Bob has gone back to Alberta, and it has been an extemely wonderful relationship with him, a personality that one is drawn to, 

A great artist, extrodinary colour peception, a talent that Canada can call one of its own, he will be writen in Canadian history.                                                                                                                                                                                     
Interest in ordering.